Episode 10: Above All, Do No Harm

Above All, Do No Harm

Guest: Dr. Rohan Shad

Our fantasies of how Artificial Intelligence might appear in medicine have been shaped by science fiction devices like the medical tricorder wielded in Star Trek.  This amazing device could sense everything in your body, even if you were a Klingon, and instantly diagnose what was wrong with you.

Medical decisions are sufficiently weighty that one might imagine that they will be the very last subjects for the application of artificial intelligence techniques.  In fact, the medical profession is quite advanced in their application of AI, though there is no resemblance to Dr McCoy’s tools.  In this and other episodes of “Mind the Gap: Dialogs on Artificial Intelligence” we will speak at length with medical experts who are applying or studying the application of AI techniques in medicine.

Today we speak with Dr Rohan Shad of Stanford University Medical Center.  He is a post-doctoral research fellow in cardiothoracic surgery.  He has been exploring the application of AI techniques to help surgeons anticipate and reduce risks in some very complex surgeries.

Recorded: 2021-05-11

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