Episode 8: "STAT" AI Helps Stroke Specialists Speed Response

"STAT" AI Helps Stroke Specialists Speed Response

Guest: Dr Stanley Tuhrim of Mount Sinai Medical Center and Berkshire Medical Center

Stroke has historically been one of the most frightening of maladies, striking as it does at the brain, the center of personhood.  A stroke may leave one aware but paralyzed or mute, failing to grant the mercy of mere death.

Until comparatively recently stroke was, like cancer, one of those things that medical science did not understand very well and could do little to treat.  In the last forty years, however, the medical community has made tremendous strides in understanding and addressing stroke.  Stroke centers have been established in great medical institutions around the world and the doctors studying and working there have fought back the disease bit by bit.

This fight has involved the adoption of modern technology and the results have been tremendously encouraging.

In this episode of Mind the Gap we talk with a leader in the study and treatment of stroke, Dr Stanley Tuhrim who founded the Mount Sinai Comprehensive Stroke Center in New York City.  Mount Sinai’s Stroke Centers have been leading adopters of powerful AI techniques, the first ever approved by the FDA for clinical application.

Recorded: 2021-06-14 and 2023-01-23

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